Negotiation Skills for Managers

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The course presents skills for a variety of negotiating situations: managing contracts, implementing change, making sales purchases, settling organizational conflicts, planning strategies, and achieving credibility.



  • Identifying negotiatory elements and discussing the reasons they are important to the process.
  • Determining the preconditions and preparation that affect negotiations and discussing the importance of determining the needs of both parties prior to negotiating.
  • Mastering and utilizing the language of negotiation.
  • Establishing minimum and maximum goals in preparation for the negotiating process.
  • Recognizing and dealing with personal negotiating styles and attitudes.
  • Identifying and recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses which have an impact on the negotiating process.
  • Exploring the various tactics used by negotiators.
  • Investigating the importance of nonverbal communications in the negotiation process.
  • Analyzing why negotiations fail.
  • Identifying ways to overcome obstacles that restrain progress in the negotiating process.
  • Contrasting effective and ineffective teamwork in negotiations.
  • Describing productive and counterproductive negotiation attitudes, strategies, assumptions and personal demeanor.
  • Illustrating how to keep the negotiation on track.
  • Analyzing the important elements of a complete, written, negotiated agreement.
  • Illustrating the importance of negotiating needs rather than negotiating positions.
  • Discussing how to negotiate under specific, unusual circumstances.
  • Constructing a logical plan of action for purchasing and salary bargaining.
  • Understanding the walk-away point and how to eliminate emotions in negotiations.
  • Understanding how to deal with other parties in various power positions.


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